Add Responsive Instagram Gallery To Your Website

Optimized for mobile device and desktop. No need to SignUp.

Just enter your Instagram username and embed your Instagram posts on your Website.

See instructions and settings below the gallery

Change device width preview

By default the gallery width is set 100% wide,
so it will stretch it's container or browser window
but you can set the width to any value using 'px' or '%'

For mobile view the recommended height is around 400px.
For desktop view the recommended height is above 650px.

In order to see the responsive behavior of the gallery,
try to open this page on a mobile device.
Scroll and watch the gallery
as it changed the layout.
Once the gallery width is set using '%'
you can try to resize this window
and see the responsive behavior on desktop browser as well

If you choose to show your own posts, make sure your Instagram profile is set to Public.

Copy the code and place it any where on your page

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