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#tbt #tbt 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬 #wcw #thiskindalove Message!!!!!!! Ha!!!! #nowthatsludicrous Ok last one. My Momma was crying too! I think the goal in life is to make our Mommas proud!! I LOVE seeing her cry tears of joy. @acura #TheNewTLX Tears of joy!!! #ludacrisfoundation @acura #TheNewTLX #givingback Of course she had no idea. The surprise was priceless! #thankyoujesus #ludacrisfoundation #givingback @acura #TheNewTLX Thank God for allowing me the opportunity to bless deserving people in such a magnitude. Can u tell she's happy? Lol #givingback #ludacrisfoundation @acura #TheNewTLX She has been through so much adversity but stayed strong through it all! Congrats on transforming your life! And Congrats on your promotion at work! You are deserving!! #givingback #ludacrisfoundation @acura #TheNewTLX I was able to make a Life changing Day for a VERY deserving woman who has been working with my foundation for 9 years. #givingback #ludacrisfoundation #helpingothershelpthemselves @acura #TheNewTLX
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